Fort Peck course update

Hey, everyone! I just wanted to provide a quick update as to where we are at with regards to equipment for The Fortress DGC in Fort Peck!I was notified on Friday that Dynamic Discs had restocked Veteran baskets. As we have more than enough funds in the organization’s bank account to cover the cost of the 19 baskets (18 White for the course 1 Red for practice) and the 18 extra ground sleeves (2 pin placements for most holes) with Dynamic Discs, I went ahead and placed the order with them for the remaining 9 baskets. Now, we still have not received shipment notification from them on our first set of 10 baskets plus the extra sleeves. When I talked to their folks down in Emporia a couple of weeks back, they stated that due to a significant short-staffing, their normal 2-3 week turnaround time has increased to 3-4+ weeks. We have just passed week 4 since I ordered the first set of baskets. I have reached out to them to ask if, since they have not yet shipped out the first order, they could potentially combine our orders into a single shipment so that we could receive all 19 baskets plus ground sleeves at the same time. I expect I will hear back tomorrow or Tuesday at latest on this, and perhaps I can get a clearer picture of where we are in the shipping queue. I know the ideal situation had us with the course ready to go by Memorial Day, and there definitely is still reason to hope for that. I wouldn’t rule out, however, the potential that it could be closer to our event at the Longest Dam Race on June 19 that the course is installed in some capacity. Of course, I will keep y’all updated as I learn of updates 🙂 Be well, and keep slingin’ them discs!

Brandon Bigelbach – HHDG Treasurer

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